Sunday Services and children’s programs begin at 10:15 a.m. Please join us.

Whoever you are, whomever your love,
However you express your identity,
Whatever your situation in life,
Whatever your experience of the holy,
As you come seeking love,
Your presence here is a gift.

Whether you are filled with sadness;
Overflowing with joy,
Needing to be alone with yourself,
Or eager to engage with others,
All who welcome all,
Are welcome here.


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News & Views

  • GET INVOLVED: Spotlight on Leadership

    “It makes me happy to serve the congregation especially in this important time of transition. I would tell other members who are not yet involved:...

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  • PACEM: Serving the Homeless

    Our church will be hosting the women of PACEM from February 8 to 14, 2020. Each Sunday from now until January 26 we will have...

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    IMPACT 2020

    Visions for Community Change. Can you imagine what Charlottesville-Albemarle might look like if it were an “ideal community?” IMPACT is one local group working to...

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  • January Social Action Collection: PACEM

    PACEM is an emergency homeless shelter, located at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church for two weeks each winter. We provide food, shelter and compassionate support during...

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