This fall we are welcoming guest ministers and speakers into our pulpit along with Assistant Minister Rev. Alex McGee who will be with us once a month. We are seeking a new lead minister. Please come and share in community and worship together as we continue to live through changes and new understandings in our spiritual life together.

Our service and our children’s programs  begin at 10:15AM .

Upcoming services

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More Information for Newcomers

 Newcomer Orientation coming up January 26th, 2020

What To Expect When You Visit

Our Service

There are two kinds of worship experiences on most Sunday mornings:

In the main sanctuary there is a service directed primarily toward adults – although children and youth are always welcome.

  The lighting of the chalice, the symbol of our free faith

  Music – from Bach to the Beatles, Ragtime to Rachmaninoff

  Readings  – taken from a wide range of sources

  Silent reflection, meditation, or prayer

  A sermon or homily that explores Unitarian Universalist principles

An opportunity to share joys and concerns with the congregation

In our children’s chapel there is a more brief service focused toward our children and their parents – although non-parent adults are welcome to join these meaningful celebrations.

Religious Education for Children  & Youth

Religious Education and nursery care are available for children and teens during the school year (Fall through Spring).  During the summer, our Summer Co-op program is an opportunity for your children (K-6) to have fun and play with other children their age. Leia Durland-Jones, our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, or other education staff and teachers will be there to greet you.  At both you will find the atmosphere relaxed and informal, yet with content that touches the heart and engages the mind.  At least once each month we gather together from our youngest to our eldest members in one multigenerational worshiping community.

Interested in volunteering during our Sunday Service?

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more about ushering, greeting visitors, providing altar decorations, or serving coffee and snacks in the social hall after services.

* * * *

Unitarian Universalists understand worship in the context of its root meaning. The word “worship” comes from an Old English word, weorthscipe, which means, “an acknowledgment of worth.”  Worship for us, then, is a time to consider, reflect on, and experience things of worth.  The “things of worth” we explore in our worship are very much things of this world and this life – the beauty and power of nature, the call for justice, our fears, our responsibilities, our questions, and our discoveries.  In this section you will find information about the variety of ways we gather to “acknowledge things of worth.”  Hopefully one or more will speak to your deepest longings.

Each Sunday morning our services in the main sanctuary begin with these words:

Whoever you are, whomever your love,
However you express your identity,
Whatever your situation in life,
Whatever your experience of the holy,
As you come seeking love,
Your presence here is a gift.

Whether you are filled with sadness;
Overflowing with joy,
Needing to be alone with yourself,
Or eager to engage with others,
All who welcome all,
Are welcome here.

It is our hope that each of us will find this to be our experience.