We are a caring community and seek to help each other in need. When you can give or need to receive, please reach out to our ministers or others at church and ask to be connected to CareNet or our Pastoral Visitors.


When a church member is temporarily in need of meals or rides, CareNet Coordinators communicate this need to the church community to find assistance. If you want to be a part of CareNet or have a need to be answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Lara Gastinger & Sandy Brooks

Pastoral Visitors

Pastoral Visitors are Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church members appointed by the minister to offer personal spiritual support to members of the church community who are ill, going through a life crisis or transition, or are involved in care-giving. They provide comfort to the bereaved and maintain contact with those unable to attend church. They also sponsor workshops on relevant topics and community resources. If you would like to arrange to receive a Pastoral Visitor, or would like to be trained as a Pastoral Visitor, please contact a minister or one of the Pastoral Visitors co-chairs.

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Contact: Patty Wallens & Shirley Paul