Mission Statement
All Worship Weavers — lay and ordained — will work collaboratively to weave our community’s worship experiences, and to deepen their own understanding of the ministry of worship as it is manifested in our congregation and in the Grand Experiment that is Unitarian Universalism. 

Description of Responsibilities and Opportunities
Worship Weavers may engage with our Sunday sanctuary services in a number of ways, not all of them requiring public speaking.  Weavers can write (poetry, sketches, lyrics and/or music, etc.), create visuals (altar decoration, order of service cover art, special aesthetics, etc.), design soundscapes, look for source material (readings, etc.), think kinesthetically, and more.

For those who do wish to be “out front,” you will co-facilitate services with Rev. Wik, Rev. Alex, or guest preachers.  Participation would vary, and could include reading chalice lightings, opening words; selecting appropriate readings; writing original material for readings; leading prayers; etc.  Occasionally, experienced Guild members will be called on to preach.

Other roles for Weavers and Weavers Emeriti can include:  facilitating after service discussions; involvement with the monthly Sundown Celebration; pulpit supply for area congregations; involvement with Sunday children’s worship; writing reflections for The Talk of TJMC (our blog); etc.

All Weavers are expected to participate in the monthly meeting.  The first half will include creative brainstorming for an upcoming theme-of-the-month; the second half will be an in-service training in worship arts (e.g. worship theory, the nuts and bolts of our Sunday sanctuary services, public speaking, the art of interfaith praying, hymnody & song leading, sermon writing, multigenerational worship, storytelling, etc.).

Worship Weavers are encouraged to regularly attend Sunday sanctuary services as often as possible, even when not actively weaving, and to provide constructive feedback to one another.

Weavers will be expected to actively attend to their own spiritual growth, and to lovingly hold the other members of the Guild in their prayers, meditations, and/or thoughts.

Members of the Worship Weavers are directly accountable to each other and the congregation’s Lead Minister who, in turn, is accountable to the Board of Trustees and the congregation as a whole. 

The Worship Weavers Guild will consist of no less than 6 and no more than 9 members, serving in rotating three-year terms. After a two-year hiatus, a Weaver Emeriti can reapply for active service.  The Guild will maintain a list of Weaver Emeriti and “worship specialists” who are willing to be called on when their gifts and skills would enhance a service.

If you think your spirit may be leading you in this direction, consider answering its call and apply below.

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