Each month our congregation dedicates a special collection to a recipient selected by the Social Justice Council.

November Collection for Sin Barreras

Sin Barreras (Without Barriers) is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to support, educate, and empower immigrants regardless of status, focusing on the Hispanic community of the greater Charlottesville area since 2012. The organization was founded by five likeminded people who saw a growing need. Without funding or much support, this small group began helping people during evenings and weekends through legal consultations, workshops, and being a resource for guidance to immigrants that didn’t know where to turn for help.

The anti-immigrant climate has grown throughout the US and Virginia with continual efforts to criminalize and dehumanize the community we serve. In reality, these people are a hardworking, family oriented community that just wants to be given an opportunity. The reasons they’ve come to the US are much more complicated than most people realize and they already contribute so much to our way of life, but that’s rarely appreciated or acknowledged because of who they are.

Sin Barreras hopes to be a connection where we provide guidance toward opportunities for the people we serve to succeed and live in peace. This small organization has built a foundation of trust in the community that we cannot put a price on, and has accomplished so much with so little. However, it cannot grow enough to try to meet the mountain of challenges without support – financial, volunteer and more. We are still a small group powered by dedicated volunteers doing as much as they can in an incredibly challenging and hostile political environment.
To learn more about Sin Barreras, volunteer opportunities, make a donation or to subscribe to the newsletter visit http://sinbarrerascville.com/

Recipients for 2017/18 and their collection dates.

The dates might be changed if services have to be reorganized, but everyone will have a collection day.

  Play Partners (Ready Kids) July 17, 2017

  Literacy Volunteers of Cville / Albemarle August 20, 2017

  PACEM September 17, 2017

TJMC Food Pantry October 15, 2017

  Sin Barreras November 19, 2017

  I.H.S. Meal Packets December 17, 2017

  African American Teaching Fellows, January 21, 2018

  Virginia Organizing February 21, 2018

  Jefferson School Heritage Center March 18, 2018

  BRAAF April 15, 2018

  Women’s Initiative May 20, 2018

  Barrett Early Learning Center June 17, 2018