It’s time to promote your favorite Group or Non-Profit Organization by applying for TJMC’s Social Action Collection!!!!!

Each month our congregation dedicates a special collection to a recipient selected by the Social Justice Council. Internal Church Groups and Non-profit Organizations are encouraged to apply.  TJMC has supported a wide variety of worthy causes over the years and we are excited to begin soliciting applications for this upcoming church year!

Submission of applications are due by April 15, 2017. In order to apply applicants must have a mission that is not inconsistent with the UUA Values as expressed in the Seven Principles. Each application must include three Sponsors within the congregation who support the Group or Organization. The Sponsors will be asked to attend the May 7th Social Justice Council Meeting where we will vote to select the twelve Recipients for the upcoming church year [note this is a change in the meeting date]. Additionally, a Representative from the Group or Organization will be asked to attend the meeting in order to provide a 2-minute appeal prior to the voting commencement.

Download the application here or pick one up in the Church Office. Please feel free to contact [email protected] you have any questions or concerns.

Causes we support in the 2016-2017 fiscal year
  July 17, 2016 – Play Partners. We donated $1,546.

  August 21, 2016 – Public Housing Association of Residents. We donated $1,543.

  September 18, 2016 – People And Congregations Engaged In Ministry (PACEM). We collected and donated $2,432 on Social Action Sunday and members of our congregation regularly make additional donations throughout the year.

  October 16, 2016 – Food Pantry. We donated $2,432.

  November 20, 2016 – Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund. We Donated $2,276.

  December 18, 2016 – Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum Meal Packets. We Donated $2,871.

  January 15, 2017 – African American Teaching Fellows. We Donated $2,591.

  February 19, 2017 – Urban Agricultural Collective of Charlottesville. We Donated $1,268.

  March 19, 2017 – On Our Own

  April 16, 2017 – Barrett Early Learning Center

  May 21, 2017 – Virginia Organizing

  June 18, 2017 – Women’s Initiative