Racial Justice Activities


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Friday movie White Man’s Burden – a walk in different shoes, Friday, February 17, 6:30-9 PM. Facilitated by Bob Gross. How would our daily lives be changed if those of us who identify as white were “of color” … and those of us identifying as people of color were “white”? That’s what this 1995 film is about. Starring Harry Belafonte and John Travolta, the story’s black characters are the wealthy, powerful establishment types and the whites are the poor, disadvantaged minority group. There are oversimplifications, but the film underscores and reveals many of our current assumptions and prejudices. Food for thought. After viewing the 90-minute film we’ll encourage sharing our considered reflections, insights, and … new learnings. For more information, contact Bob ([email protected])

Seeing With New Eyes: racial justice as a white necessity – Tuesdays, March 7, March 14, March 21 and 28, 7-9 PM.  Church Parlor (3/21 in LH2)
The majority of White Americans rarely, if ever, thing of themselves as “White.” Instead, we generally think of ourselves simply as “Americans.” This is problematic, because institutional racism is build on the idea of “whiteness.” If white people don’t see their “whiteness,” they can hardly be in a position to dismantle the systems that have been built to defend it. This “color blindness” also perpetuates the notion that racism is a problem for people of color, where as the truth is that the full freedom of people of color will only be achieved when white people recognize their role in the systems of oppression and understand that our full freedom is at stake too. Facilitator: Rev. Wik Wikstrom.

The Third Reconstruction Book Group, Sundays March 19, March 26, April 9 from 12:45-2:15 PM. Facilitated by Jaime McReynolds. Unitarian Universalists were electrified at General Assembly 2016 by Rev. Barber’s call for building and sustaining a movement for justice for all people. The Third Reconstruction, selected as the UUA 2016-17 Common Read, offers helpful, practical guidance for engaging with justice movements born in response to local experiences of larger injustices. Drawing on the prophetic traditions of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, while making room for other sources of truth, the book challenges us to ground our justice work in moral dissent, even when there is no reasonable expectation of political success, and to do the hard work of coalition building in a society that is fractured and polarized.   For more information, contact Jaime ([email protected])

The Role of Children in African American History, Sunday April 30, 12:45-2:15 PM, Lower Hall 2. Kate Fraleigh will do a slide show presentation of her February 2016 African American History Tour of the southeast. The focus will be the life of children in the times of racial injustice and the burden on children in racial strife and on the road to justice.

Racial Justice Events and Activities around town
(as of Feb 17)

FEB 17 Friday Doors at 7pm show at 8pm, NEED tickets, United Nations of Comedy Series: Funnyman Skiba, Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

FEB 17 Friday 7:30 film “Hidden Figures” PVCC free

FEB 17 Friday 7-8:39 TJMC-UU ADF film “White Man’s Burden” church

FEB 18 Saturday 10-12pm Book group James Baldwin, Another Country Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

FEB 18 Saturday 6:30-7:30pm “Grace Tinsley Scholarship Bash” $40

FEB 18 Saturday 8pm Huston Person Jazz need tickets Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

FEB 21 Tuesday 5:30pm “Get Up to Speed About Gentrification, Zoning, and Form Based Code”  Jefferson School City Center Auditorium

FEB 23 Thursday 7-8:30pm My White Delusions, Silence, and Fragility education McIntire Room Downtown Library. First night in an 8 week discussion group put on by Showing Up for Racial Justice

Feb 23, Thursday 3:30-5pm Black Women and the Carceral State, Then and Now: A Conversation between Tabitha L. LeFloruia and Mary Ellen Curtin, Minor Hall Room 110

FEB 24 7-10:30pm “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond

FEB 25 3-5pm film “Albemarle’s Black Classrooms” Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

FEB 27 Monday 6-7:30 Memorial for Enslaved Laborers: Public Forum Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

FEB 28 7-9pm Showing Up for Racial Justice meeting TJMC-UU Social Hall

MARCH 1 10pm on TV Spike “Time: The Kalief Browder Story” 6 part series

MARCH 5 Sunday 12:30 Racial Justice Steering Committee meeting TJMC-UU Lower Hall 2

MARCH 3 5-7pm First Fridays #BlackOwnedCville Jefferson-Madison Regional Library

MARCH 4 Saturday 6-8:30pm Moton Community 6th Annual Banquest Longwood University Helath and Fitness Center

MARCH 10 and 11 Showing Up: A Racial Justice Conference for Youth and Adults TJMC

March 15-16 Wednesday and Thursday “The True Impact of Bias on Health and Wellness in America” Newcomb Hall UVA $100 register at cmevillage.com

MARCH 19 Sunday 12:45-2:15pm Book Group “The Third Reconstruction” TJMC-UU

MARCH 21 Tuesday 5:45-8:30 For Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers. Skills for raising anti racist Children Social Hall TJMC-UU register at [email protected]

MARCH 21-MARCH 25 Festival of the Book   Lots of racial justice offerings

MARCH 24, Friday 12 noon 2017 Festival of the Book.  Elizabeth Nunez, Ph.D., author of  “Even In Paradise” , The Jefferson School/African American Heritage Center.

APRIL 29 Saturday 10-2pm Poverty Simulation Workshop, UVA Slaughter Recreation Center 505 Edgemont Road

APRIL 30 Sunday 12:45-2:15pm “Role of Children in African American History” TJMC-UU Lower Hall 2