PACEM: Hosting the Men, Nov. 2017

To our friends at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church-Unitarian Universalist:

Thank you for once again hosting PACEM’s men’s shelter in our 14th winter of helping people who are homeless in our area. We want you to know how truly blessed this community is to have congregations like yours to help in our mission to provide shelter for our neighbors in need. We greatly appreciate your willingness to prepare and serve dinner, to work with partner congregations, and for all the TV, desserts, and hospitality you provided for the guests in a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment each night.
In addition to shelter, TJMC-UU also provides generous financial support to PACEM. Your financial help supports the cost of PACEM’s shelter staff in your church. The graciousness of the entire PACEM Family makes it possible for us to remain open throughout the winter.

Thank you for hosting PACEM’s men’s shelter again this year, for the hands of all your volunteers, the graciousness of opening your doors, and your willingness to work with other congregations in our community to address the immediate needs of our neighbors.
We look forward to when you host the women February 10-16.

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