Nominations Requested for the Connie Cheetham Award for Exceptional Service

Do you know someone who serves the church in exceptional ways, and has for a long time? Why not nominate that person for the Connie Cheetham Award For Extraordinary Service? Whether your person/couple wins the award or not, we write letters to every nominee to share our gratitude for their service, and honor their contributions, using the information from your nomination. Let’s recognize our precious volunteers.

Criteria For Award:

  • Nominees will have made extraordinary contributions in selfless service to one or more areas of church life. More than one individual can be nominated to jointly receive the award (usually, but not necessarily, as a couple).
  • Nominees will have been a church member for a minimum of seven (7) years.

Procedure For Nominating A Candidate:

  • All nominations must include a letter describing the specific contributions and areas of service of the nominee and the names of at least two other individuals willing to provide additional information in support of the nominee, if requested (examples include individuals with whom the nominee has worked or church leaders familiar with the nominee over a period of years).

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