Music Column –August 2016

By Scott DeVeaux


music aug 2016

Are you musical?  Most of you would answer, “No, I’m not!”  But I know that for a lot of you that’s not true.  You played clarinet in high school marching band, or sang in the choir.  You like playing guitar with friends, and sing lullabies to your children.  You took lessons on cello, or piano, or trumpet.   Granted, it can be hard, perhaps impossible, to continue those musical activities as an adult. But musicking is a basic part of life.


And if there’s one place to do it, it’s our church.  Music is not a thing, a commodity, something you buy from I-tunes.  It’s a process, a form of human communication.  It’s something we all do.  And it’s central to our spirituality as Unitarians.


This year, I’m eager to get more of you involved in helping us create music our services.   For those who like a more relaxed atmosphere there’s the Sundown Celebrations, held on the third Sunday of each month at 5:00, where a folk/rock style is the norm.   But there’s plenty of room on Sunday morning, too!   Our choir is open to all, rehearsing on Thursday nights at 7:15.  But if you have a song you’d like to sing, or a piece you’d like to play, whether by yourself or with a group, in whatever style you like— we’re eager to hear it.  Your kids can perform, too!  We have a Kids’ Choir that performs for special occasions, rehearsing in between the two services.  We also invite young instrumentalists and singers to play preludes or interludes.


To gather our talents and spirits together, I’m hosting a Music Potluck, on Sunday, September 11, at 5:00 p.m. at my house at 1020 St. Clair Ave., Charlottesville.  It’s for everybody who’s interested in music at our church, newcomers and old-timers, seasoned performers and beginners.  Please bring a dish, bring an instrument if you like (I assume everyone will bring their voice!), and enjoy a meal with us.    I look forward to musicking with you this year!



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