Support TJMC-UU — Buy Scrip GiftCards

When you buy and use Scrip GiftCards in place of cash, checks or credit cards for household necessities, you earn money for our Church.

  • We currently raise about $18,000 each year from Scrip Sales
  • BUT – less than 30 households buy half the Scrip sold each year
  • If every household used Scrip, we would easily raise $100,000 annually

How Does it Work?

  • We purchase Scrip GiftCards from retailers at a discount.
  • We resell them to you at face value.
  • The church keeps the difference – 2-16% of the card value.

Which Stores Participate?

Giant, Food Lion, Whole Foods, Walmart/Sam’s, Integral Yoga, Barnes & Noble, Panera, and Lowe’s GiftCards are in stock and hundreds of additional retailers are available as physical and virtual e-GiftCards by special order. In addition, Kroger shoppers can register their Kroger Plus loyalty card numbers with Kroger to ensure that a portion of their purchases come back to TJMC-UU.

Where Do I Purchase Scrip GiftCards?

Scrip FAQs

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.” When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing prepaid gift cards (GiftCards) that are used just like cash to purchase everyday items like food, clothing, gasoline, home improvement supplies, pharmacy items, and other essentials. Scrip GiftCards are even available for travel, entertainment expenses, and dining out.

These are the same GiftCards that you buy at the store. Because the stores sell the GiftCards in large quantities and receive their cash up front, they are willing to offer them at a discounted price. Our member families buy the GiftCards for full face value and the church keeps the difference as revenue, so with every purchase you make using Scrip GiftCards, you earn money for our church.

Why should I buy Scrip?

TJMC-UU budgets for and needs your participation in our Scrip program. Staff salaries, programs, and building maintenance are all dependent on your Scrip purchase. It is not intended as a substitute for pledging as generously as you are able to each year. Buying Scrip GiftCards allows you to financially support the church in an additional way.

What can I buy with Scrip?

Anything that you would ordinarily purchase at participating retailers.

Do I have to pay extra to use Scrip?

No! You do not pay a premium to use Scrip; you pay the face value to purchase them and receive the full value of the GiftCard amount when you use it. The participating merchants contribute the revenue that TJMC-UU earns from your GiftCard use.

How do I use my GiftCards at the store?

Simply swipe physical cards as you would any other debit card. There’s nothing to sign, so it’s even faster than paying by credit card. Many GiftCards are discarded once they are used up, but a number can also be refilled through the website. ScripNow! e-GiftCards can be printed and scanned at the store or redeemed directly from your smart phone using the MyScripWallet mobile app.

What if I forget how much is on my card?

When you use your GiftCard, the remaining balance will be printed on your receipt. Also, the back of the card has additional information on obtaining your card balance.

What happens if I lose my card?

Scrip GiftCards are like cash and cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen, so treat them as you would cash. TJMC-UU cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Is Scrip available by mail order?

We can make arrangements to mail pre-paid orders to you, though you accept the risk that the cards could be lost in the mail.

Can the cards be used outside of Charlottesville?

Yes! And remember, Scrip GiftCards make great gifts too!

Can I use a credit card to purchase GiftCards?

You may use a credit card for Kroger purchases linked to TJMC-UU through your Kroger Plus loyalty card, but all other Scrip purchases are made by cash, check or PrestoPay, a PayPal-like debit service.

What else should I remember about Scrip GiftCards?

GiftCards are not returnable, so be sure you are ordering what you really want. Many retailers offer physical cards, reloads and ScripNow! e-scrip, so be careful to select the correct version of scrip when ordering.  If the magnetic strip on your physical card becomes deactivated, your card will not scan, and the cashier will need to hand key the card number at the time of purchase.

Why should I buy Scrip?

If every TJMC-UU household used Scrip, we would easily raise between $50,000 and $100,000 annually for the benefit of our congregants. We need this money. Please put your shopping dollars to work to benefit TJMC-UU by using Scrip GiftCards.

ShopWithScrip FAQs

What is ShopWithScrip?

ShopwithScrip is an online ordering service used to place special orders for non-inventoried Scrip GiftCards and ScripNow! instant e-GiftCards. Once registered, you can use it to place orders 24/7 from any internet-connected computer.

How do I set up a ShopWithScrip account?

Stop by the Scrip table that is set up in the social hall every Sunday. We can help you set up an account.

How do I order Scrip through my ShopWithScrip account?

Your account is managed via your ‘dashboard’, accessed at the top of the ShopWithScrip home page. Using the dashboard, you can maintain your profile information, place orders, view your order history, maintain a personalized shopping list to make ordering easier and view the virtual wallet which contains your ScripNow e-scrip and reload orders. There is also additional information available about PrestoPay, which is the easiest way to pay for your scrip purchases, and the MyScripWallet mobile app.

What is PrestoPay?

PrestoPay is a convenient way for your family to pay online at the time you place your order. It is a PayPal-like electronic payment method that debits your checking account for the face value amount of your order plus a small convenience fee of $0.15. Each time you place a scrip order with ShopWithScrip, you will be offered the option of paying by check or via PrestoPay.

Before using PrestoPay, you must first complete the application and verification process, which takes up to 3 business days to ensure accuracy and security. If you are comfortable using the PrestoPay method of payment, we strongly encourage you to do so. When purchasing ScripNow! instant e-GiftCards or reloading cards, you must use PrestoPay as your payment method in order for your order to process quickly.

Remember that a $0.15 convenience fee is added to your order if you elect to use PrestoPay, and that overdraft penalties and fees will apply for transactions rejected for insufficient funds.

What is ScripNow!?

ScripNow! is virtual Scrip, so is an electronic e-GiftCard instead of a physical card. When purchased using PrestoPay, you receive access to your ScripNow! e-GiftCard within a few minutes. You can print out and use the certificate for in store shopping, redeem it directly from your smart phone using the MyScripWallet mobile app, or copy and paste the certificate number for online shopping.  When you purchase ScripNow!, TJMC-UU gets a percentage of your purchase, the same as if you purchased a traditional GiftCard. It’s just faster and greener.

I placed a special order, when do I get my cards?

At this point, because of low demand, we are placing orders for physical cards about twice a month. Your scrip coordinators can tell you when the next order is to be placed. More demand will mean more frequent ordering, which will be more convenient for everyone. Remember that if you want scrip for retailer who offers ScripNow! you can get it within a few minutes by purchasing it with PrestoPay.

I have more questions, where do I find answers?

There is a wealth of general information about ScripNow!, reloadable Scrip GiftCards, traditional single use Scrip GiftCards, PrestoPay and MyScripWallet on the website, so start there. If you need more help, contact your TJMC-UU Scrip Coordinators.

Kroger Shoppers

Kroger has discontinued their reloadable GiftCard program.  Now, in order to have a portion of your grocery purchases returned to TJMC-UU, you must register your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card on their website and select TJMC-UU as your designated non-profit.

After registering your Kroger Plus card, simply scan the card along with every purchase you make and pay for your purchases by cash, check or credit card. If you have a remaining balance on your old refillable Kroger card, use it up and discard the card.

To register:

Go to

Click on the “Create an Account” button and follow the instructions to register on the website and select TJMC-UU as your designated non-profit. Our NPO number is 82051.

If you do not have a Kroger Plus card or need to replace yours, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger store.