Connect-hers February 21: Spirit Animals Session

Ever wonder what sorts of wisdom animals have to share with you? 

Heard about “Spirit Animals, Power Animals, Totems” on all those online quizzes and want to go a little deeper?   Kiara (KEER-uh) McCadden of Honey Sweet Harmony will facilitate a simultaneously playful and meaningful group experience in connecting with our Spirit Animal Guides at this month’s Connect-hers gathering, Tues. Feb. 21 at 7pm in the Parlour.

Join us for a fun, inspiring evening and deepen your connection to the natural world through our teachers, the Creature-Beings. This can be a profound opportunity to get centered and grounded as we walk through challenging times! You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook/journal, pen/pencil, reading glasses if needed, and a bottle of water; snacks are welcome too!  Questions? [email protected]

Kiara has participated in a number of activites at TJMCUU over the years, and she offers nature-oriented workshops, ceremonies, and individual mentoring/healing sessions, specializing in supporting those who strongly identify with their feminine aspect and our companion animals.

E. McCadden,M.A., A.B.D., T.B.D.
Honey Sweet Harmony
Holistic Consultations

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