Committee on the Ministry – February 2018

As we say most Sunday mornings, “this is a lively community.”  And it is a growing community, as well.  The days when anyone could expect to know everyone are in a part of our past.  There is some loss in this, of course, yet also so much possibility.  Our courage, our wisdom, our strength, our reach – these all grow as we grow.

In a congregation our size it can be hard to know just who to talk to when you have a question, comment, concern (or some praise!) about something that is going on.  It is always best to talk directly with the person or group that is involved, yet sometimes that might feel awkward, or we might not even know which person or group is involved!

This is one of the reasons we have a Committee on the Ministry.  This group of six lay people are here to provide a place to go when you’re not sure where to go.  The Committee meets on the third Monday of most months to take what we’ve heard and consider how best (and who best) to respond.  Our Committee on the Ministry for the 2017-18 church year consists of Cathey Polley, Beth Jaeger-Landis, Ruth Douglas, David Shutt, Pete Armetta, and Katherine Parsons.  (RevWik is an ex officio member.) You can also email the Committee at [email protected].

So … what is your experience of TJMC this year?  The Committee on the Ministry wants to know.

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