The church office is located in the main church building on the first floor near the kitchen and is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Our staff is available to meet with you. Get in touch with staff members directly (info below) to find a mutually convenient time.

We appreciate you scheduling an appointment rather than just dropping by to see us so that we can be sure the appropriate staff member is available to see you when you come. Thanks!

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If you are new or considering our church, you can get further information on our newcomers page.

When calling after our office hours, please press the * key twice to access the staff directory and press the extension of the person you are trying to reach, followed by the # key. To leave a message in the general office voicemail, please press 0 and then #.

Title Name E-mail Phone
Office Assistant Wendy Steeves [email protected] Ext 0
Director of Admin and Finance Christina Rivera [email protected] Ext 6
Lead Minister Rev. Erik Wikstrom [email protected] Ext 1
Assistant Minister Rev. Alexandra McGee [email protected] Ext 2
Director of Faith Development Leia Durland-Jones [email protected] Ext 3
Religious Education Assistant Caroline Heins [email protected] Ext 4
Director of Music Scott DeVeaux [email protected] Ext 5

Weather Closing Reminder

If the City of Charlottesville schools are closed, the church office will also be closed. Church meetings and events are likely to be cancelled as well. Church meeting or event leaders will make this decision. People planning to attend should call the point of contact, as listed on the online calendar, to find out about cancellations. Please also check the church calendar for available cancellation/closing information.

Facility Rentals

Know someone who wants to rent space at TJMC-UU?  Visit the rentals page.

Reserving Church Space

Are you a member or lay leader of TJMC-UU who needs to reserve space for a church meeting or a church-sponsored event? Please complete the request form.

Check the online calendar three or four days after making your booking to make sure the booking has been approved. The Director of Finance, Chris Rivera, does calendaring twice a week so it may be several days before your approved event shows up online. If you have a question about this form or how to submit your request, please contact Christina Rivera at [email protected].

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