The TJMC-UU community is active, and in order to keep up with our goals of supporting and improving the life of our church and congregation, there are many different task forces and related committees working throughout the church.

Governance Task Force

Communications Task Force

The Communications Task force, established in 2015, is working to improve the ways that we communicate with each other and with those outside of our community. The task force will establish a Communications Committee to carry on this work over the long term. Currently work is focused on three areas: the church website, publications such as the Bulletin and Weekly Update, and the sound technology in the sanctuary and other parts of the building. In the future the task force will also look at external communication and marketing. The Communications Task Force reports monthly to the Board of Trustees. These reports are available on request.

Task Force Chair: Achsah Carrier

Revenue Task Force

Building rentals, fundraisers, and Scrip are just some of the ways TJMC brings in needed revenue to support ourselves as the beacon of UUism that we envision. In an effort to maximize these revenue streams, to initiate new efforts, and to strengthen our church’s financial health, the TJMC Board of Trustees has initiated a Revenue Task Force. We are looking for interested congregants to help in this effort. The Task Force will evaluate current revenue-producing programs, and also brainstorm, prioritize, and plan for future ones.  If you have interest and/or a background in revenue generation, please consider nominating yourself or someone else from our congregation to assist us on this important Task Force.

Final report, 2016

Task Force Chair: David Mick

Staffing Committee

Their mission is to review current TJMC staffing and future needs and to develop a recommendation for TJMC staffing for the next three years.  Read their report here.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship team works to foster a climate of stewardship at our church. Members include the lead minister, the pledge drive chair, representatives from the Board and other interested congregants.