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2017-2018 TJMC UU Governance Structure

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Each year the congregation will elect a President-Elect who will serve three years on the Board: the first year as President-Elect, the second year as President and the third as Past President. The Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall each be elected for a two (2) -year term. The President and President-Elect shall not serve consecutive full terms in this office. The Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall not serve for more than two (2) consecutive full terms in the same office. The Vice President shall be elected in odd numbered years, the Secretary and Treasurer in even numbered years. Two (2) trustees-at-large shall be elected each year for three (3) -year terms and shall not serve consecutive full terms in the same office.

Adam Slate President* 2016-2019

Karen Ransom Past President* 2015-2018

Colleen Anderson President Elect* 2017-2020

VACANT Vice President* 2017-2019

Ann Salamini Secretary* 2016-2018

Jeanine Braithwaite Treasurer* 2017-2019

Katherine Maus At-Large 2015-2018

David Mick At-Large 2015-2018

Annalee Durland-Jones At-Large 2016-2019

Vacant At-Large 2016-2019

Ian Sole At-Large 2017-2020

Cindy Shepard At-Large 2017-2020

Erik Walker Wikstrom Ex-officio*

Leia Durland-Jones Ex-officio

Christina Rivera Ex-officio

*Executive Committee Member


Congregational Elected and Board Appointed Committees


Nominating Seven members elected by Congregation, and the Past-President. Two year terms with four elected in odd numbered years, three in even years-will be changing if recommended by-law changes are approved.

Don Landis 2016-2018

Sean McCutcheon 2016-2018

Cathey Polly 2016-2018

Vacant 2017-2019

Vacant 2017-2019

Vacant 2017-2019

Vacant 2017-2019

Karen Ransom, Past President 2017-2018


Personnel Committee 

Jen Caswell 2015-2018

Maggie Ober 2015-2018

Sheri Edgecomb 2016-2019

Donna Redmond 2016-2019

Board Representative, David Mick


Committee on Ministry At least three members appointed by the Board from list provided by Minister(s) 2-year staggered terms, renewable for one additional term

Beth Jaeger Landis 2014-16

Katherine Maus 2014-16

Lisa Shutt 2014-16

Doug Webbink 2014-16

Cathey Polly 2015-2017


Finance Committee No terms. Responsible also for Endowment.

Marian Wendelin

Rosalie Simari

Gloria Morgan

Stan Walker

Jeanine Braithwaite, Board Treasurer, ex officio


Worship Weavers  Rev. Erik Wikstrom.

Jeanine Braithwaite 2015-2018

Cypress Walker 2015-2018






Ad Hoc Board Task Forces and Committees


Strategic Planning Implementation Team

Breck Gastinger, Chair

Karen Ransom

Rev. Erik Wikstrom



Food Pantry Carol Saliba, Elizabeth Breeden

Gay Straight Alliance George Maris

IHS Meal Packets Margaret Gorman

PACEM Elizabeth Breeden

Partner Church Margaret Gorman

Peace Action UN Doris Glick

Soup Kitchen Bonnie Hansen

UUSC Edith Good

Racial Justice Kate Fraleigh



Adult Faith Development Leia Durland-Jones, DFD

Children and Youth Religious Education Programs           Elaine Chapman



Altar Decorations Wednesday Worship group

Buddhist Sangha Steve Hughes

Christian Fellowship Mike Ludwick

Labyrinth Patty Wallens

Music Carol Saliba

Nature Spirit Vacant

Young Adult Ministry Alex McGee

Ushers Maggie Ober

Worship Weavers Erik Wikstrom

Wednesday Worship Service Leia Durland-Jones, Cindy Mick, Maggie Ober


COMMUNITY LIFE COUNCIL Achsah Carrier, Council Chair

Membership Sally Taylor, Jean Newland

Greeters Subcommittee Jenny Gaden

Membership Tracker Sally Taylor

Covenant Group Steering Committee Cathey Polly, Patsy Swindler, Bev Ryan

Active Minds Barbara Yeaman

Care-Net Lara Gastinger & Sandy Brooks

Coffee Elizabeth Breeden

Pastoral Visitors Shirley Paul, Patty Wallens

Snacks Rebecca George, Michelle Benedict

UU Guys Gil Griffis

UU Hospitality Network Carol Saliba

ConnectHers Donna Baker

Young Adults Vacant

Communications Achsah Carrier

Website Subcommittee Jennifer Springer

Sound Subcommittee Rob Craighurst



Aesthetics Elizabeth Breeden

Art Show Elizabeth Breeden

Buildings Vacant

Grounds Sallie Kate Park & Jim Souder

Remembrance Garden Elizabeth Breeden



Spring Auction Cindy Shepard

Fall Auction Vacant

Yard Sale Ann Forno, Walter Hoffman

Bookstore Jean Newland

Bed & Breakfast Bev Thierwechter

SCRIP Beth Jaeger Landis