Christina Deanna Rivera Silva de Ramirez

Hola, my name is Christina Deanna Rivera Silva de Ramirez but you are welcome to call me Chris! I am so pleased to join the team at TJMC and I look forward to working with you, the congregation. What I bring to the DAF position is, first and foremost, grounding in our faith as Unitarian Universalists. As the Director of Religious Education at the UU Fellowship of Waynesboro, one of my goals has been to help our children learn to be loud and proud about their UU faith. Similarly, I believe that everything we do at church is ministry, which includes our administration and finance work. Previously, I have served in congregational leadership as well as on the district Chalice Lighters Committee. Currently, I serve as a Trustee on the UUA Board. I bring with me extensive private sector experience in marketing, information technology and project management. I also bring with me my wonderful husband Chris Young and 13-yr old twin sons Miguel and Andreas Rivera Young!

I believe our faith has the power to help transform our world but only as much as we are willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable with each other and tackling the really deep discussions of faith, social action and mutual accountability that are necessary to engender that change. I believe that as Unitarian Universalists we are capable of “being the change we want to see in the world.” ¡Sí se puede!