July Worship

During the summer worship often takes on a more relaxed feel — we have only the one service at 10:00, and it’s a time for different voices in the pulpit.  On the 2nd, Rev. Wik will preach, and on the 9th it will be Rev Alex’s turn.  Sunday the 16th the preacher will be one of our lay Worship Weavers, Jeanine Braithwaite (who is also our new Treasurer). On the 23rd we will welcome the Rev. Kirk Balin, who currently is AgrAbility Director at Easterseals UCP (and previously served as Executive Director at the National Conference for Community and Justice, and served our congregation in Meadville, PA).  On the 30th, another of our Worship Weavers, Cypress Walker, will be preaching.  It is a cornerstone of our Unitarian Universalist theology that no one person has a lock on the truth, and that ordination is not needed for one to have insight.  Worship this month will help to remind us of this … don’t miss it.

Order of Service, July 7
Order of Service, July 16
Order of Service, July 23
Order of Service, July 30

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