February 12, 2017: A Service About Service

Read the Order of Service.

The members of our senior high youth group (YRUU) will be offering today’s worship, encouraging us all to explore the idea of “service” as a part of our UU identity.  Drawing on their own experiences with service – in both large and small ways – our young people will offer the whole congregation opportunities to do acts of service even as we are there in the sanctuary together.  [Note:  This is a multigenerational service, and the TJMC Children’s Choir will be offering their voices at 11:15.]

Reflections from our YRUU youth comprise the sermon this week. Hear

Reid Moulis
Julia Landis (starting at approx 1:30)
Annaless Durland-Jones (starting at approx 5:25)
Max Walpole (starting at approx 10:20)

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