August Worship

August 6:  Give Them Not Hell
The 18th century Universalist, John Murray, is remembered as saying, “Go out into the highways and by-ways of America, your new country . . . [and] give them not hell, but hope and courage.”  He may not, in fact, have ever said this, but there is no question that our Universalist (and Unitarian) ancestors believed that our faith compels us to offer the world a different vision.  As our city prepares for the arrival of the “alt-right,” it would be good to remember our forebearer’s charge.  RevWik will be preaching.
Order of Service

Aug 13 Love Eclipses Despair
(This sermon was revised due to the events of August 12, 2017)  See service here.

In this journey of life, we can learn to weave love into the various chapters and challenges, even when despair seems to eclipse everything. Rev. Alex will lead worship.
Order of Service

August 20:  Standing on the Side of Love
Throughout our history, Unitarians, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalists have striven to “increase love with justice.”  This morning you will meet some of these illustrious ancestors, and hear some of what they might want to say to us today.  Rev. Wik will be facilitating the introductions.

August 27:  Labor Day
For many of us, Labor Day means a three-day weekend and the unofficial end of summer.  Yet its origins and intent are vastly different and, like so much else in the dominant culture, largely forgotten.  This Sunday we will look at what too often goes unseen, and perhaps this coming Labor Day may take on a different flavor.  RevWik will be preaching.

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